Styx started out as an idea which is committed to providing customers with premium bracelets from natural stones at an affordable price. Seeing jewelry prices skyrocketing each day, our journey started by producing as well as finding the right manufacturers from all over the world in order to bring the best value products into our store.  

We have long been astounded by the Greek mythology which is where our name Styx has been inspired from. It was the river Styx where all the gods were taking an oath, a place which acted as a boundary between the realm of earth and underworld, mysterious, and a sacred place which was surrounded by gods while possessing miraculous powers in itself.   

The most special items in our catalog have their own unique names which represent their definitive characteristics. These characteristics and representations were defined by the earlier civilizations when they wore these specific stones in order to protect or empower themselves. Bracelets that we are providing are made of real gemstones and they are designed to balance your body by utilizing the healing and supporting properties of gemstones. In ancient Athens time, civilizations were using the power of these gemstones in order to release physical, mental and spiritual relaxation, thus coordinating the free flow.



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