4 Elements
4 Elements

4 Elements

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The four ancient elements, fire, water, air and earth continue to play a vital role in the collective psyche of humankind. The 4 Elements Bracelet reminds the wearer that we are all connected to nature. Being connected to the nature enhances peace, joy, creativity, improves focus, and reduces the stress.

Handcrafted bracelet accompanied by natural stones comes in 1 variation.

Beautifully crafted 4 Elements Bracelet features following characteristics:

  • Handmade from Agate, Lava, White Turquoise and Sea Stones
  • High resiliency with silicone cording
  • High quality beads with a size of 6-8mm
  • High-quality headings plated in silver  
  • Highly customizable in terms of size, small and medium sizes fits most wrists



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