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Ares Gold
Ares Gold
Ares Gold
Ares Gold

Ares Gold

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Ares is one of the Twelve Olympian gods and the son of Zeus. He is known as “the God of war”. Ares Bracelet symbolizes the power, ambition, and willpower which we have tried to represent.

The Magic of Ares Bracelet comes from the Black Agate Stones. Black Agate Stones are known as “Power  Nurturer” which is the stone of discipline, competence, and desire. Furthermore, they possess mysterious protective power. Historically, these stones were always worn for courage and success by ancient civilizations in various competitions.

This handcrafted Agate Stone bracelet comes with 2 gold plated headings which add the premium look to the overall appearance.

Beautifully crafted Ares Matte Bracelet features following characteristics:

  • Handmade from black agate stones
  • High resiliency with silicone cording
  • High quality beads with a size of 8mm
  • Matte beads add premium and flat look
  • High-quality headings plated in gold 
  • Highly customizable in terms of size, small and medium sizes fits most wrists

                 If you have a different Wrist Size than the sizes below, please contact us to arrange it for your size. 





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