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Leopard was symbolized as the main animal of the god of Dionysus in the ancient greek mythology. He was often found wearing a leopard skin and carrying a Thyrsus – a long stick or wand topped with a pine cone. 

The magic of the Dionysus bracelet comes from both Black Jasper and Lava stones. Jasper Stones are known as “Supreme Nurturer” which is the stone of stability, power, and strength. Jasper has a power of giving one the courage to speak out and have personal independence. Historically, Jasper stones were always worn by shamans, priests, and kings. Secondly, Lava stones are stones of protection, strength, and fertility. They are believed to provide stability in times of change. Natural lava rock beads include naturally formed voids and irregular surfaces – which makes each bead unique.

Beautifully crafted Dionysus Bracelet features following characteristics:

  • Handmade from lava and agate stones
  • High resiliency with silicone cording
  • High quality beads with a size of 8-9mm
  • Lava and agate beads add premium and mysterious look
  • High-quality headings plated in gold
  • Highly customizable in terms of size, small and medium sizes fits most wrists

                 If you have a different Wrist Size than the sizes below, please contact us to arrange it for your size. 





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