Planet 10

Planet 10

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Our Planet 10 bracelet represents 10 planets. 

The Magic of Planet 10 Bracelet comes from the Agate Stones. Agate Stones are known as "Serenity Nurturer" which is the stone of tranquility, wholeness, and stability. Agate Stones has a power of promoting the self-acceptance and confidence. Historically, these stones were always worn as healing amulets and stabilize the one´s aura alignment.

Beautifully crafted Planet 10 Bracelet features following characteristics:

  • Handmade from Agate stones
  • High resiliency with silicone cording
  • High quality beads with a size of 8-9mm
  • Agate beads add premium look
  • High-quality beads
  • Highly customizable in terms of size, small and medium sizes fits most wrists

                     If you have a different Wrist Size than the sizes below, please contact us to arrange it for your size. 





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